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The Neoconservative Mind

David Brooks penned an opinion piece for the New York Times arguing that the trouble Republicans and the Romney campaign have relating to everyday Americans is that, within the Republican Party, traditional conservatism has been all but forgotten, and economic conservatism has been ascendant. I think this argument is flawed – current Republican policy is hardly radically free-market, and Mr. Brooks ignores the corrosive effect neoconservative ideology has had on the GOP. I would argue that it has not been the ascendency of the economic conservatives but the replacement of the traditional conservatives with neoconservatives. Continue reading

The NYT and ‘Extreme’ Views

As promised, here is the comparison of the 1980 and 2012 DNC platform. A while ago, a New York Times article cherry-picked a few lines from the GOP 1980 and 2012 platforms to support the narrative that modern Republicans are extremists, a lost party in which St. Ronald himself would feel uncomfortable. The tone of the article would have you believe that the Democrats have remained ‘moderate’ (read: They agree with the author) while the Republicans have drifted further and further into ever-greater depths of extremism. Particularly examined are clauses regarding gun rights and abortion. Let’s take a look at both parties’ changes on those topics since 1980. Continue reading