The War on Eastas – er, Terror, Marches On

Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested for allegedly plotting to use remote controlled model aircraft packed with C4 to attack the Pentagon and Washington, D.C. CNN ran an article presenting model aircraft as a potential delivery system for explosive devices. But how capable are these “lone wolves” of actually pulling off something like this?

An article published by England’s Guardian newspaper reveals some further details about the FBI sting operation. While Ferdaus’ willingness to engage in acts of violence against the United States is without doubt, it is by no means as clear that his ability matched his enthusiasm. The FBI operatives apparently supplied the gentleman in question with not only the financial wherewithal to purchase the model airplane, but the actual explosives for the plane the deliver.

“A committed individual, even with no direct connections to, or formal training from, an international terrorist organization, can pose a serious danger to the community”. – Richard DesLauriers, Special Agent in Charge, Boston Division, FBI. Really? Or does a violent action require some basic competence or actual ability to carry out the attack? What is certainly in doubt here is whether or not the individual would have been able to carry out a similar attack – or any significant attack at all – if left to his own devices.

This is an instance of a manufactured threat. Even with the FBI helping him along, Ferdaus clearly lacked the knowledge to cause serious damage (he apparently believed five pounds of C4 could blow the Capitol Dome to “smithereens“) and it is not even clear that he initiated the plot. This sort of sting operation only serve to perpetuate the public charade that al-Qaiada is still a credible threat to this nation – and guarantee continued funding to government counter-terror programs.

Regardless of whether or not our foreign policy and numerous military bases around the war are the reason for hostility against America, when the FBI is supplying the material and expertise behind the latest terror “threat,” it is time to force an end to the War on Terror. Unfortunately, this would require the federal government to give up power. Governments do not naturally relinquish power – it requires a concerted effort on the part of the people. Unfortunately, our people are far too afraid of distant and often manufactured terrorist threats to take action.

Remember to register that model F-86 with Miniluv, Citizen. We can’t be too safe.


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