One year in California

The title isn’t strictly true – it’s been closer to fourteen months since I’ve moved to the Golden State. The one-year mark came and went sometime in late June, largely without note. Tomorrow, we move across the town of Davis to a house with some of our friends – an event which marks the end of the beginning of my time in Davis.

My first year in California has been a relatively quiet, if enjoyable experience. I found not one, but two churches I like in the area. I met the Roaring 20s – a wonderful group of individuals loosely organized around a Wednesday night Bible study. I had the opportunity to TA for a computer science class, and had the idea that teaching would be a good fit for me strongly confirmed. Despite all of these things, life has been slow. I walk or take the bus everywhere, put off registering to vote and getting a CA driver’s license for over a year, and haven’t really gotten deeply involved with my church. I spent minimal time thinking about a car, and remained essentially unarmed.

The next few months are going to see some drastic changes – some by choice, some of necessity. Circumstances permitting, my roommate and I pack up our furniture and computers and move to the Guy’s House – a roughly five-person rental house that serves as the social center for the Roaring 20s. The move will double my two-mile commute to work, and triple the mile-and-a-half walk to St. James. I’m going to have to get a car, and this will have additional consequences.

My California DL and voter registration are in the mail, and in less than two months I’ll be able to purchase a good used car. This sudden mobility is going to change things. I’ll be able to go to Sacramento regularly, which means three things: swing dancing (!), Golden State Tactical, and a range. The fact that I’m only a mediocre shot with a pistol, and largely inexperienced with any other firearm bothers me, as does the fact that my only armament is a .22LR pistol. Expanding my arsenal, getting some firearms training, and starting the long and arduous path to acquiring a CHL occupy the top of my list of “things to do with a car.” I aim to make 2011-2012 the year of Kevin becoming a well-armed and competent marksmen.

Socially, I’m hoping to become much more involved with both the R20s and the various St. James groups. Doing more with the Roaring 20s will be easy – I’ll be living at the epicenter of the group’s activities, and I’ll finally have a car, and thus the ability to provide transportation to events I want to get the group to attend (Friday night swing dancing, anyone?). I think there is the need for some more organizational type work at St. James. I don’t necessarily like organizing events and groups, but it is something I can do rather well.

On top of it all, I want to convince my advisor to let me TA for another computer science class, or even a low-level mathematics one. I love teaching and I want to get better at it. This coming year in California will be intense – hopefully a year of ‘getting things done’ – but I’m looking forward to it.


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